Our Stories A support group for people affected by low grade brain tumours
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We all have different stories to tell, everyone is affected differently by their brain tumour. No one will have the exact symptoms, feelings, emotions, treatment and outcome as anyone else. By sharing our stories we hope to help you feel that you are not alone. While we all have different experiences, we share the common experience of living with a brain tumour diagnosis. Some contributors have provided post-operative photos - we will warn you if that is the case. We are aware that not everyone is comfortable viewing such images. If you would like to share your story with others, please email info@greymatters.org.au. We can’t promise that all stories will appear on this page


I was diagnosed with a Right Frontoparietal Falcine Meningioma in August 2011. In hindsight my symptoms had been gradually appearing for possibly 8-10 months prior. I was ‘tripping’, losing strength in my left leg and arm and developing a limp. ...more (Warning: images)


At the time of writing I am waiting for my next scan. On the day before Christmas I'll see my oncologist and check the results. If it's clear then in another three months I'll have another scan and the process will be repeated. And so it will go for the rest of my life. ...more (Warning: images.
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