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Grey Matters For You

A diagnosis of a Brain Tumour, no matter what type or grade, can have serious implications for our lifestyle – both physically and emotionally. Grey Matters For You offers patients, their family, carers and friends the opportunity to share experiences and receive support. We are here to listen to your concerns and anxieties and exchange information in a friendly, supportive environment. Grey Matters For You is made up of brain tumour patients who can offer you the benefit of their personal experiences of living with a brain tumour diagnosis

What is a brain tumour?

The name of a brain tumor describes where it originates, how it grows, and what kind of cells it contains. A tumor in an adult is also graded or staged according to: 
• how malignant it is 
• how rapidly it is growing and how likely it is to invade other tissues 
• how closely its cells resemble normal cells. (The more abnormal a tumor cell looks, the faster it is likely to grow)

Definition from the Medical Dictionary